Joining Your Schools Swim Team

Joining Your Schools Swim Team

When it comes to school sports and extracurricular activities there are a number of different options that may interest your child. While popular sports like Basketball & football seem to garner the most attention when it comes to school sports, there are other sports like swimming that offer some pretty great benefits and skill-building tools. In fact, the swim team may just be one of the most overlooked sports groups to join when it comes to school sports. 

High School swim teams offer great activities & opportunities for your teen to participate in while in high school. Many high schools have great swim facilities that are well maintained, utilize concrete coatings to ensure a safe slip-proof environment, and are accessible year-round. When joining the swim team not only does your child obtain a great cardiovascular workout, they also develop other important skills to help them become successful young adults.

Time Management

Swimming encourages time management & efficiency. When on the swim team at your school it is important to manage schoolwork, chores at home and any part-time job, etc. 

Mental Health

Swimming is both a solo sport and a team sport. That being said you learn to hold yourself accountable and also learn about being a part of a team. Swimming encourages perseverance, boots confidence, and helps improve motivation.

Form Relationships

Being a part of any team helps individuals to build new relationships with others outside their normal friend group. It allows your child to interact with others that share a common interest and learn to build on a relationship from there. 

Athletic & Physical Benefits

Not only is swimming a fun way to improve fitness & cardiovascular health as well as get exercise, but it also is a low-impact workout that can be done year-round, unlike other seasonal sports.

Still Competitive

While football and basketball may seem like they are more competitive sports that isn’t necessarily the case. Swim meats are fueled with competition and beating your previous record. So not only are you in competition with others you are also in competition with yourself. You learn how to set goals and conquer them for yourself.

Joining the high school swim team or even a club swim team may prove to be a great activity for your child. Especially should your child have asthma or other issues that may prevent them from playing high-impact sports. In fact, swimming is one of the best exercises for those that are asthmatic. Check into your school’s local swim team and see what they have to offer. You might just have found a new sport that you love!


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