Apprenticship vs. College

Apprenticship vs. College

Apprenticeships were once looked to when it came to more manual trades or professions such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and masons to name a few. In today’s society, however, what it means to be an apprentice has changed & so have the professional boundaries that once governed them. While medicine and law still require you to study at a college or university, you can now find apprenticeship positions in marketing, accounting, business administration, vehicle protection & vinyl wrap installation, and more. Many are finding that with an apprenticeship they are more readily able to nurture their ambitions, passions, and goals. What do I mean? With careful thought and consideration, an apprenticeship allows you to really go after & master the skills that interest you most. And the give and take that comes with both formal university schooling & an apprenticeship are pretty much the same when weighed upon each other. Meaning, where do you think you could find the most success career-wise?

Some of The Best Professionals Are Founded By An Apprenticeship

Vinyl wraps have taken the vehicle enhancement industry by storm this past decade. Also known as vehicle wraps, they are large sheets of vinyl film that are applied to your vehicle to enhance the appearance & incorporate custom texture & graphics.  The same goes for paint protection film and ceramic coating services. These high-end services are up there in terms of cost, and the installation experts handling them make a pretty decent living. That being said, where do these vehicle enhancement specialists gain their skillset & certifications? Not college, in fact, most auto salons are filled with guys that have learned hands-on through apprenticeships. Concours Auto Salon, a vehicle enhancement service based in Texas, promotes apprenticeships and how much knowledge & skill they have to offer. A lot of the best auto detailing experts are born out of an apprenticeship. You not only get hands-on learning but you see how a business is run while also learning the tricks of the trade. 

Are College Degrees More Versatile?

While many still believe a 4+ year college education and multiple degrees help to determine your skillset and financial gain, others have begun to compare the two. It is true with an apprenticeship that you often work full-time hours for minimal to no pay. But when going to school and juggling a full class load do you have time to work full-time hours or in some cases even part-time hours at all. That leaves you making little to no money while also incurring debt for the cost of schooling. It is important to note that you have to be dedicated and interested in your chosen field for an apprenticeship. A bachelor’s degree can often help you to land a job even down a career path different from your intended degree. An apprenticeship is more auto-focused on relatively one profession. In the end, an apprenticeship over schooling is definitely a serious option to consider. It has many benefits that come with it when fitted with the right person. 


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